Terex, a global manufacturer of heavy equipment for various industries, makes frequent acquisitions, requiring the migration of many disparate brands to fit under the Terex umbrella. Our work with Terex includes helping the company educate its global workforce on standards to maintain a consistent brand identity and provide regular updates on changes.

Client: Terex
Industry: Construction Equipment; Financial Services
Employees: 20,000+
Locations: Westport, CT, USA
Communications Impact: Brand Strategy, Naming and, Brand Architecture, Corporate Identity, Visual System and Design Guidelines, Messaging Platform, Corporate Website, Client Web portals, Intranet, White Paper design, Signage, Events

Brand Manual is available online, along with Terex logos and customizable marketing templates.
Original brand launch game helped boost employee engagement and morale.
Multi-national ethics posters for global distribution and on-site use as important reminders.
Elevator graphics help keep the consistent Terex messaging and visual vocabulary alive.
The Terex logo in one of myriad applications.
A logo heirarchy of Terex and sub-brands

Holiday card in print and animation.
A system of PowerPoint templates was created for each Terex business unit.
A brochure we designed for Terex geared towards the Military demographic.
The brochure was designed to highlight the impact of Terex construction equipment.
We have developed a brand architecture to apply to newly acquired companies and business units.
An internal award for milestones within the company.

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